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PestGuard – Pest Control Services, Hyderabad, Telangana.

PestGuard – Pest Control Services is a well-knownfirm registered in Hyderabad. We have 4 years of experience in providing reliable pest control services in Hyderabad, Telangana, India with the help of qualified professional staff. Our motto is to ensure safe and effective Pest Control Service for you with guaranteed results.

Why Pest Control is needed in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad, the centre of attraction all over India for its charm and business activities, often fails to offer a peaceful and clean environment to its habitants and guests due to pests and termites. In order to maintain healthy environment and avoid diseases, availing pest control services from a satisfactory source is mandatory.

PestGuard Pest Control Service is committed to ensuring your home and business remains free from pests, our team of expert and well-trained pest control technicians ensures optimal and clean surroundings for you and your family. PestGuard helps customers in getting rid of Beds Bugs, Termites, Cockroaches, Rodents, Bees, Flies, Spiders and etc.


We are experts in dealing with the following pests.

Bedbug Control

Bedbug Pest Control Service in Hyderabad, it’s transmits parasite that causes chagas, (deadly diseases)

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Pest Control Service in Hyderabad, it’s mainly spreads typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery etc.

Termite Control

Termite Pest Control Service in Hyderabad, it’s spreads germs of allergic reactions, airborne mold, and asthma attacks.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Pest Control Service in Hyderabad, it’s a major distributor of malaria, dengue, yellow fever etc.

Lizard Control

Lizards are one of the most common unwelcome reptiles that are found inside houses. It’s mostdangerous if it is felldown in food items.

House Flies Control

Get professional fly control for your home or business. Long lasting solution is guaranteed.

Ant Control

Ants Pest Control Service in Hyderabad, it’s Carries bacteria and transfer them to food and open wounds.

WASP Control

Wasp Pest Control Service in Hyderabad, it’s sting is extremely poisonous, causes severe swelling on body.

Rodent Control

Rodent Control in Hyderabad, It might cause damage to the furniture, books, clothes, electric wires, plastic pipes and food items.

Bat Control

Bats are quite helpful to the environment, But once they enter homes, they are quite harmful as they carry many diseases causing pests and their excretions are also dangerous to human beings.

Wood Borer Control

There is a range of borers that attack timber. Borers are beetles and it’s their larval stage, the grub, which causes all the damage.

Spider Control

House spiders have a difficult time surviving in modern homes due to low humidity and fewer insects for food. They are more likely to prosper inside structures like garages, sheds, barns and warehouses.


Safe and effective pest removal services for Residential & Commercial.

Residential Pest Control Service

Commercial Pest Control Service

Home is a place where people go and feel safe and secure. But in the presence of Bed Bugs, Termite, Cockroaches, Wasps, Lizards, and rodents it is very difficult to feel safe, these pests will not only create an annoyance but also create a health risk for you and your family members. Most of these intruders will carry disease and damage your home or cause injury to your loved ones. You might feel imprisoned and overwhelmed due to these unwanted guests. To get rid of these pests, contact the professional PestGuard pest controls services. Our experts will help you to get rid of all types of pests without any delay.

The existence of pests in any type of commercial setup can certainly affect its customer’s perception. Whether it’s a warehouse, office, school, hotel, hospital or shopping mall, there will always be the risk of pests. Deployment of pest control measures actually become critical, especially at the places where large groups of people are involved i-e employees, students, customers and patients, etc. A minor negligence in this aspect might become a reason for losing valuable customers and employees and above all loss of your business reputation. To prevent these issues, you should prefer to hire the Professional PestGuard Pest Control Services. We comply with policies regarding the use of insecticides/pesticides and apply treatments accordingly.


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People what they say about PestGuard – Pest Control Services

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Vikram Kumar Jain

" I had my house rapidly getting infested with cockroaches. I tried few companies but in vain. Finally I found PestGuard - Pest Control Services who helped me control the problem. Undoubtedly this is one of the Best Pest Control companies in Hyderabad. Highly Recommended."

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"PestGuard Team were very good, professional and polite. They did very good work in my warehouse, we were all very pleased. Big up to you guys. Highly recommend the PestGuard and Team."

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Nandita Patel

"I had a bad case of bud bugs and was tired up with them. I went to three firms before calling PestGuard - Pest Control Services, who came out and solved my problem. Before I was too frustrated, Now I have peace of mind. PestGuard Pest Control Services deserves a huge thank you. In their work, they are both impressive and professional. PestGuard - Pest Control Services comes highly recommended as the top bed bug control business in Hyderabad"

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Kumar K

"PestGuard Team attended my house and performed regular pest control service. I liked their work. They are really advisable because I had experienced before several types of insects, but after their service it was a significant change"

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